About Us

Manuel Salvador Gil - Site Developer

Tunja Ciudad De Tesoros Escondidos is an entrepreneurial project focused on the tourist, historical, cultural and commercial promotion of the city of Tunja and the department of Boyacá, given the importance to the varied historical places and beautiful landscapes that this part of the country has. Among our main objectives are the realization of an effective promotion at local, national and international level of all our wealth related to the material and intangible heritage of the region and the department, all of the above with the aim of attracting tourism to our capital and region, which will undoubtedly fill each of our fellow citizens with benefits.

The project is being developed by a highly qualified working group, with the aim of being in the medium term, a consistent alternative for visitors, who, due to different circumstances, want to know relevant information on specific topics, stories of interest to the general public and for tourists who wish to visit our capital or our department.

Therefore, the articulation of the public and private companies is indispensable in order to help this noble initiative, carrying out an integral work with all the interested parties and potential beneficiaries of this project that is in development process.


¡Please Help Us To Make Boyacá The Most Important Tourist Destination!